Graviel Nuel Jacobo Director of Operations for Centro de Protesis was born and raised in the Dominican


At the age of 6 he had an encounter with a train and ended up with only one leg. He struggled to continue

his schooling. His parents helped by moving close to school so he could make it on crutches. At the age

of 13 he went to work in a mission hospital that was being built to serve people who did not have access

to medical facilities.

While working there and on a daily basis he learned about the pain and suffering many people were and

are experiencing. Eventually he was introduced to people who had knowledge about prosthetics. With

the help of many people, he was able to go to the USA for his first artificial leg.


There are many people of all ages in the Dominican and Haiti that have lost a limb or have birth defects

and they go untreated because there are no facilities, expertise or money.

Graviel has founder a Christian non-profit organization to help Amputees as he was helped. This Center

is Centro de Protesis & Terapia Fisica (Prosthetic and Physical Therapy Center) to serve people who

have lost lower or upper extremities and provide physical therapy at no cost.

Centro de Protesis has partnered with the Portland Rotary Club and through them they were able to

hold the first prosthetic clinic last January where they assisted a lot of patients from all over the country.

Watch the update video from summer 2019! Many exciting things happening:


Watch the intro video for Centro de Protesis!