About our Founder

Graviel Nuel Jacobo

Centro de Prótesis y Terapia Fisica which translates as Prosthetic and Physical Therapy Center was founded on February 5th, 2017 by Mr. Graviel Nuel Jacobo.

Graviel, Director of Operations for Centro de Protesis, was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. At a young age, he suffered the traumatic loss of one of his legs due to an accident. Through the support of his family and with the help of many American Missionaries, he was able to go to the USA for his first artificial leg.

Graviel founded a Christian non-profit organization to help Amputees as he was helped. This Center is Centro de Protesis & Terapia Fisica (Prosthetic and Physical Therapy Center) to serve people who have lost lower or upper extremities and provide physical therapy at no cost.